Best Dog Walking Places Near Dundee

I've been lucky enough to get out on adventures all over the place with Perry. But most of our walks are near home in Dundee, Scotland and here are some of our favourite.

1. Dronley Woods

Dronley Woods is situated near the village of Dronley, around a 5-10 minute drive out of Dundee. The postcode for the car park is: DD3 0QP.

This is one of the best places to go if your dog loves to live wild – the woodland, although undergoing some reformation now, has many parts that are still untouched, and Perry loves nothing more than to grab a good scent and head on a chase.

The woods are mostly enclosed, so always feels safer, and there’s a gate around 1/2 mile from the car park that allows you to take an alternative route out of the woods, through a field and join the old Dundee to Newtyle Railway.

2. Backmuir woods

Backmuir Woods is more manufactured than Dronley Woods. There are a number of paths connecting through each other, allowing for a variety of lengths of walks, from half an hour up to 2 hours. 

The great thing about Backmuir Woods is it can be an extended walk from, or to, Camperdown – simply by crossing through a field. Backmuir Woods is located near Liff, with the postcode for the car park being DD2 5NG (although there are multiple parking places around the area).

3. Camperdown park

The largest park in Dundee is Camperdown Park. It can be found just off the Kingsway (A90), postcode DD2 4TF. 

The park has hosted many events and festivals, and still has room for everyday life. There’s a small zoo located in the par, and many trails taking you over large grassy patches, a golf area and through woodland. 

The size of the area makes for a great dog walk, although this may be worth noting this is likely to be one of the most popular areas on this list due to its accessibility, and not having to drive to go there. 

There are plenty of smells through the wooded area with a path through so you can accompany your dog, and there’s plenty of space on the larger grassy areas for a throw of a ball, and complete with picnic tables and places for BBQ’s to be lit it’s easy to see why this makes the list.

4. monifieth beach

If your furry friend prefers sand to grass, Monifieth Beach is an endless walk around the Dundee/ Angus coast. (Although worth noting, heading toward the Broughty Ferry end parts of the beach will be closed off to doggos in the summer months). 

There’s miles and miles of sand, taking you out past Carnoustie and towards Arbroath – however there are some wider “river” sections, so worth taking wellies, or turning back at those points.

5. templeton woods/clatto reservoir

There’s many places to access these woods, however I usually start at the Clatto Reservoir car park and head back into the woods. This is an extremely popular dog walking route, however it also has mountain bike trails through it, so there can be a lot of cyclists as well. 

Similar to Backmuir, the paths are there and generally well maintained. There are a network of paths running through the woods, leading to a golf course at one point, and out to the back of Camperdown Park. There’s also a pond, and number of places for picnics. 

The route I usually take heads down towards the cemetery road, and then cuts along the top of another car park. From there you can head through more woods and down to a farm road. Walk up that road and you’re back at the reservoir. Like most of the other places mentioned here, there’s the option to extend this walk further, or cut it down depending on your time available.

Clatto Car Park postcode: DD3 9RP

Where can I walk my dog in Dundee?

So the above mentioned were just a number of my favourite routes, however there are loads of little quirky walks around the city and outskirts:

The Miley – This runs from Clepington Road (near the big retail park to Hospital Road) it’s an old railway track, around a mile long and is popular with dog walkers. 

Dudhope Circular

Dawson Park Circular – this park is always full of life as there’s a lot of sporting activity takes place here. In the summer/Autumn has some lovely cherry blossom trees that give the park an amazing colour. 

Baxter Park – this loop around the park is just over a mile or so, so I often ended up doing a couple of circuits. One of the best kept parks in Dundee in my opinion!

Dighty Water Path – this takes you alongside a small river/stream and can go almost the full length of the city – I’ve never tackled the full lot at once but usually park at Trottick or Drumgeith and do a section. 

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