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Adventures don’t always need to be on land, sometimes it’s good to jump in with both feet (literally!) – and water activities are a favourite of mine! Lets step away from the Summits, and head out on the SUP’s, or into the water however you please…

One of my favourite things to do is head out into the middle of a Loch on my paddle board on a day the water is like glass and the sun is shining. Get a playlist sorted on my phone (and the phone in a waterproof case!) and head out.


This small country has more than 30,000 freshwater Lochs – ok not all suitable for heading out on the paddle board. I’ve come across a few that are full of reeds that can cause real issues with getting tangled up in the fins, however a good number of those lochs are accessible and useable.

Other Water Activities

When it comes to cold water swimming – again there’s the use of these lochs, or smaller sports to just go for a dip, for example the small waterfall in Arbirlot.

There’s a number of other water activities you can get involved with, sailing clubs, swimming clubs, Water ski centres, and Aqua adventure parks. As I get out and about to more of these places I’ll pop a review in here so you can keep track and know what you’re letting yourself in for!

The other thing to think about is water equipment. What’s needed? What’s helpful to have? What could I have gone without? I’ll give you an insight into the equipment I take with me when out and about on the board.

And of course, the images I know you’ll want to see… Perry the dog on the board adventures!

WARNING: If you’re heading out on to a tidal river, or into the sea, always check the tide times!

Dog Walking at Cargill’s Leap

Nestled in Blairgowrie is an almost secret, picturesque walk that takes you across a bridge over the River Ericht and to a number of viewpoints along the river, including a spot called Cargill’s Leap!

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Best places to Paddleboard?

So you’ve got your board and you’re ready to go – the next thought – where to paddleboard near me? Well if you’re around the East Coast of Scotland – here’s some of my top recommendations.

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