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Let me give you a little background as to why I chose to do and A-Z of do more stuff…

Post – Pandemic I felt it was more important than ever to get out there and Do More Stuff. Up until the time Covid affected our lives, there was a ind of feeling of just floating along, day to day. Don’t get me wrong – I had an exciting job at the time that allowed me to head out and do various different activities – most of which were really fun! But as the pandemic changed the world it also changed my views on life. My work changed, my work/life balance also changed (for the better!) and without trying to sound too cheesey – I found my sense of adventure again.

A-Z: Do More Stuff

Post-pandemic is now, and it’s time to bring on the adventures again. Because I like to make things a little more complicated I decided to add in the challenge of trying to complete and activity for every letter of the alphabet, and I gave myself the unrealistic time goal of one year. That didn’t happen, so I’ve taken the time goal off and now I’m just happy to get out there and live life!

Feel free to drop me a message with any suggestions of activities to check out, because I will make it to the end of the alphabet and I need more for when that time comes!

Dog Walking at Cargill’s Leap

Nestled in Blairgowrie is an almost secret, picturesque walk that takes you across a bridge over the River Ericht and to a number of viewpoints along the river, including a spot called Cargill’s Leap!

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Best places to Paddleboard?

So you’ve got your board and you’re ready to go – the next thought – where to paddleboard near me? Well if you’re around the East Coast of Scotland – here’s some of my top recommendations.

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