Carrot and Dodd Hill Walk

Carrot Hill is a small hill in the Sidlaws, sitting at 850ft, and can be done easily with Dodd Hill to make a relatively easy 4km walk.

I really like this walk with Perry as it’s properly out in the open with stunning views back to Dundee, across the Tay to Tentsmuir Forest, towards the Lomond hills, and then further North into Angus. 

The walk starts in a car park (postcode: DD8 2JU), and from there there’s a number of trails you can take. My usual route takes me along the side of a field, then up past the Christmas trees. After a short climb, there’s a couple of routes that you can take that are marked out through the heather fields, and once you’re into the heather, it’s a simple ascent to the top. Carrot Hill on its own is only about a 20 minute walk up at most (depending on route taken of course!), Dodd hill is then around 15 minutes further on again, and has a simple track to follow through bushes and up to the summit. A number of reviews have noted nettles, so be careful!

The only downside to this walk – there is a lot of poo bags left lying, so remember to pic up if you’re taking your furry four-legged friend!

What are the Sidlaws?

These are a group of hills, almost a continuation of the Ochils, that stretch from Perth (Kinnoull Hill) to Forfar. Notable hills in this range other than Kinnoull Hill include Cragiowl Hill (just North of Dundee) – the highest in this range sitting at 1492ft, and is easily spotted with a series of masts on it. 

How long does the Carrot Hill walk take?

Due to there being many options here, including whether to add in Dodd hill or not, there’s no real time estimate. For me, to cover both summits and back takes around 1 hour. 


How high is Carrot Hill?

850 feet.

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