C – Curling

We made it to C in my A-Z of Do More Stuff, and C is for…Curling! This is a massive sport in Scotland, but only really gets highlighted at the winter olympics when the likes of Eve Muirhead lead us to victory!

It’s a team sport played on ice, where two teams play against each other by sliding 8 stones down the ice with the aim of landing in a target and knocking the other teams stones out! 

Traditional curling teams are made up of four players while the mixed doubles variation of the sport consists of teams of two players, one female and one male. In women’s, men’s and wheelchair curling, teams can also have a fifth player known as the Alternate – a substitute. Each team designates a Skip – team captain – and Vice-Skip.

Curling has always been close to me, having often been at the ice rink when both my gran and granddad curled. In fact, in her younger days, my Granny was skip in a very prestigious group of talented curlers who have thrown an 8! (This is where all 8 stones that belong to your team remain in the target zone, and none of your competitors!)

I went along to a taster session at Forfar Ice Rink to firstly have a go, but also pick up some tips in the process.

It was a fantastic session – where actually by the end of it I felt semi confident in throwing a stone – not so much brushing it down the ice though! The movement goes against your brain to begin with, but then muscle memory kicks in after a while – and it was a great workout! (My whole body was aching the next day!!) 

Highly recommended giving this a shot if the opportunity ever arises! 

FAQ’s of Curling:

What is the main point of Curling?

To score more rocks into the centre of the button than your opponent, and have the closest stone. 

Why do they brush the ice in curling?

The ice is brushed to help the stone travel further and straighter, or to the direction intended. 

What is so special about Curling?

This is a game of precision rather than speed and agility.

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