B – Bouldering

When I was at Aberdeen University, one of the hobbies I took up was climbing, and as part of that I had had a shot at bouldering back in the day. 

I hunted for a place in Dundee, and although I’ve spotted a new centre more recently, the only one I could see was Avertical World Climbing Centre. We turned up as complete novices, and had a quick introduction to the sport. We were then shown where to leave our stuff and collect bouldering shoes.

It was pretty surreal walking across the bounce floor – and psychologically a bit of a challenge to get your head around the fact that if you fall, you’re not falling onto a stone floor. (However the fear helped in my strength to stay clinging on!)

The bouldering walls are only around 2-3 metres high, so you’re never falling from a great height.

I felt it was very reasonably priced – £11 for an adult, with no time restriction. We lasted about 90 minutes – and when I say my arms ache’d the next day – wow! What a workout!

I did a little research before I headed there, and here are some of the questions I wondered – just incase you did too!

What’s the difference between rock climbing and bouldering?

The biggest difference is for bouldering you only require shoes, and brute strength. For rock climbing youoften need ropes and climbing equipment.

What’s the point in bouldering?

Bouldering is a great core workout – not only for your arms, but for full body strength. Unlike a lot of other excersises you may not initially realise the workout you’ve had, until the next day!

Is bouldering good for weight-loss?

Bouldering is a great activity for building muscle, that can lead to creating a toned athletic look. As it’s muscle building, it’s also good for fat loss without losing the muscle. 

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