Adventures in Toronto

A visit to see Mum in Toronto was the perfect excuse to get some adventures in. Here are my highlights from Toronto, Canada.

When your Mum moves around the world, it would be rude not to go and visit right? When she moved to Toronto I knew it was a city on my hit list to visit, so jumped at the chance to go out! 

I picked up decent flights (£443 return via Air Transat), and headed on an adventure to see her. The first thing I noticed when I got there was how expensive the city. I mean it’s fantastic, but super expensive – to give you a rough idea we compared the price of a block of cheese, because we’re cool like that, and I’m sure there was around £6 of a difference!

Toronto is so diverse, multi-cultural and cool. I felt right at home there. The public transport system may not be the most reliable, however it’s so cool to just jump on a street car to go wherever you need. Through the winter temperatures can drop to -30 and to accommodate that there’s a series of shops and path networks underground to save having to travel too far outside in the baltic temperatures. 

We took a walk along to the distillery distract which felt very cool and crafty, there was a lot of art on show, either statues, or decorated trees. It felt quite hipster like which is right up my street. We also headed for the CN Tower – and despite being terrified of heights, we headed to the top – but I just couldn’t go near the edge – yes Mum was howling at me! 

She was living in Liberty Village at the time, which is quite a cool, young part of the city, and as expected there are Tim Hortons everywhere! I loved Bulk Barn too – although waaaay too easy to overspend! 

One of the night we were taken out for dinner by one of my friends who lives out there, she picked us up and took us to the other side of the city to experience more Carribbean/Chinese food – which was lush! On the way home she took us a tour around the city and it was ace to see the vibrant nightlife! 

While out there, we got the bus to Niagra Falls, which took around 1 hour either way, and spent the day in Niagra. Niagra itself doesn’t have a lot going on, we went for breakfast, too a walk around and went to see the Falls – at first it’s difficult to put it into perspective on how big they actually are – however there are boat trips that head into the Falls, and when you compare the size of the boat to waterfalls – wow!

All in all I can’t wait to go back to Toronto sometime!

Thinking of going to Toronto? Here’s a few tips:


What is Toronto famous for?

Toronto is Canada’s largest city and a world leader in such areas as business, finance, technology, entertainment and culture. it hosts the Toronto film festival – which A listers attend every year.

Its large population of immigrants from all over the globe has also made Toronto one of the most multicultural cities in the world.

Is it expensive to live in Toronto?

Yes, Toronto is Canada’s most expensive city.


Which language is spoken in Toronto?

Mostly English, however some French as well. 


What is the most popular food in Toronto?

Canada in general is famous for Poutine – which is essentially a mix of chips, cheese and gravy. There’s also the chocolate turtles for a sweet tooth, and maple syrup.

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