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Hi, I'm Claire

I’m just a girl born to explore!

I don’t live a Nomad life sadly, but I do love to get out and about, whether that be taking the camper (Kevan) and my dog (Perry) away in Scotland for a few nights, or whether to jump on a plane and head away for a few days – I’m there.

A lover of most things outdoors, you can usually find me in the middle of a loch on my paddleboard, or occasionally up a Munro. It’s more likely than finding me at home.

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Salt Cave - East Kilbride
Things to do in Scotland

The Salt Caves – East Kilbride

Salt caves, also known as halotherapy or speleotherapy are said to have many health benefits, as well as reducing stress levels – of course I had to check this out!

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Dog Walks

Dog Walking at Cargill’s Leap

Nestled in Blairgowrie is an almost secret, picturesque walk that takes you across a bridge over the River Ericht and to a number of viewpoints along the river, including a spot called Cargill’s Leap!

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Paddleboard Adventures

Best places to Paddleboard?

So you’ve got your board and you’re ready to go – the next thought – where to paddleboard near me? Well if you’re around the East Coast of Scotland – here’s some of my top recommendations.

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A-Z of Adventures

In Scotland
In 2022 I decided not to make a resolution… they’re too easily broken. I decided to make a longer term goal of “Doing More Stuff”. It was the only way I could describe it. I was already pretty active, having grown up on a farm, and being a dog owner – but this needed to be something different. So I incorporated an extra challenge – see if I can do something for each letter of the alphabet.